What makes an effect a Special Effect?

The sinking ship of Titanic…

Coliseum in Gladiator...

Prehistoric Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park...

What is the common aspect in all these internationally acclaimed movies that left the audience speechless?

It’s the magic of Special Effects.

Special Effects are technical miracles that leave behind the big question "How do they do that!" in the minds of awestruck movie spectators worldwide.

As the years have gone by every alternate movie is making use of Special Effects. If there is no use of Special Effects then the movie would be slow, boring and really basic.

Advantages of Using Special Effects

Imagine how difficult it would be to actually handle so many people for the army scene in the movie Gladiator.

What would be the cost and the precautionary measure necessary if you actually had to blast a helicopter for your project?

Why go to a foreign country with your whole crew for shooting just one song when you can simulate the desirable atmosphere with the help of modern technology?

Instead if you choose to utilize the Special Effects services of Perspective Creations that specializes in providing the mind blowing effects that not only reduced the burden on your pocket but also enriches your visuals and leaves your viewers spell bound.

Perspective Creations Advantage

Perspective Creations can create endless possibilities and bring dreams, illusions, and fantasies to life. There is no limit to what the special effects guys at Perspective Creations can create. We have a poised blend of animators, illustrators and designers whose combined powers of creative imagination and can take your audience to a different world through special effects.

Perspective Creations offers a wide range of artistic solutions to entertainment industry such as:

Perspective Creations provides Special Effects solutions for engineering, architectural and medical projects also.

Perspective Creations Solutions:

Perspective Creations offers all Special Effect Solutions under one roof which is inclusive of Explosive effects, Gas Flames, Smoke, Wind, Rain, Blood, Gore, Fluid Dynamics, Flames, Bubbles, Snow, Magician's effects, Mirror balls and many more.

A big part of realistic computer generated effects is the creation of 3-D models and characters, a process that involves a number of steps. These include:

Perspective Creations has been providing dramatic visual effects while constantly finding stunning new ways of using special effects to enhance the visuals.

Perspective Creations endows with frighteningly dazzling and realistic visual effects where impossible becomes possible.