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Don’t worry. Perspective Creations Cel Animation team will make all your dreams of animation come true. 2D Cel Animation is an excellent method of telling your stories.

One of the simplest forms of film techniques that appeals primarily to younger audiences is cel animation, known as cartoons or animated movies.

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2D Cel Animation is the oldest and historically the most popular form of animation.

Cel Animation is a technique in which the figures to be animated are drawn and painted on cels, placed over a background, and photographed frame by frame. A cel (short for celluloid) is a blank clear plastic sheet used by an artist to paint an animated character or object based on the animator’s original pencil drawing. The cels are then placed over a background and photographed in sequence to produce an illusion of life in the completed film or cartoon.

The end result of cel animation is distinctively different, creative and appealing.

The uses of cel animation encompass:

Perspective Creations Advantage

Focus, the ability to mentally break down an action into frame by frame movements, and a grim determination to see things through to the end - these qualities of Perspective Creations team of animators, illustrators and designers makes them stand apart and provide you with stunning cel animations.

Perspective Creations is capable of providing highly creative and competitive animation keeping in tune with the needs of the market. The creative excellence at Perspective Creations produces original and highly exciting themes of animations that hold the attention of your audience.

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Perspective Creations 2D Cel Animations provide the best value for your money. Flexibility and portability of the animated movies makes it more and more attractive to use it for Broadcast, Streaming on the web and for CD-ROM publishing.

The production Stages include :